Contact the Laichwiltach Family Life Society

441 – 4th Avenue, Campbell River, BC. V9W 3W7.
Main line: (250) 286-3430 (see extensions below) or call Toll-free: (877) 777-8222

Name Position Phone
Audrey Wilson Executive Director Ext. 102
Carolin Reception Ext. 101
Crystal Bookkeeper Ext. 102
Mandy Stopping the Violence Ext. 107
Ann Family Support Program Ext. 105
Ronda Family Therapy Ext. 115
Kara Abor. Supported Child Dev. Ext. 132
Shawn Youth Outreach Support Ext. 108
Lavern Youth Group Coordinator Ext. 121
Jackie Abor. Head Start (250)286-3044 or (250)286-3067
Nadine Creating Healthy Families Group Ext. 122
Cheryl Collaborative Conference Coordinator Ext. 116
Dana Blade Runner room Ext. 103
Josey Counselling/Family Support Ext. 106
Cara Occupational Therapist Ext. 133
Kathleen Speech and Language Pathologist Ext. 135
Kasandra AIDP Consultant Ext. 134
Angela AIDP Consultant Ext. 136
Maylene Little Fry Daycare 250-286-3466
Larry Addiction recovery Ext. 119