Aboriginal Infant Development Program

Cherish each and every gift

Every child is a unique gift from the Creator. The mission of the Aboriginal Infant Development Program is to honour this gift by supporting the development of Aboriginal children within the context of the family, community and culture and by offering access to culturally appropriate early intervention support programs. (Extracted from the AIDP Provincial website)

LFLS-momandbabyAboriginal Infant Development Consultants works together with families to support the growth and development of aboriginal children during their most important years of development birth - 6.

During the first three years of life is the most important time during a baby's growth and brain development. A baby's brain is developed approximately 85% by the age of three and is dependant on the experiences they receive (Dr. Bruce Perry, Child Trauma Academy). Early experiences and bonding relationships received provides the foundation for a healthy development.

Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants want to ensure that infants will receive the support needed through their most crucial years of development.


  • focus on the child as a whole, to include health, intellectrual, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • are culturally safe whether a family lives on or off reserve
  • offer support for Aboriginal families and infants who are at risk of, or have a developmental delay
  • are voluntary, family-centered, and for children birth to 5 years of age
  • supports families by providign home visits, activity planning, developmental screenings
  • recognizes the role of Elders and extended family in parenting
  • provides referrals to other health and social services as needed


For more information, call Maylene Inrig @ (250) 286-3466:

AIDP workers can be contacted at (250) 286-3430

Angela MacDonald , extention 136

Candace Cuncu, extention 134